About Kama Trading

KAMA Trading was established in 1994 by Khalil Zemokhol and Maher Daoud in Cairo Egypt. Their bound started in 1978 as sales representatives for international companies. Today, after 40 years of experience in the Egyptian market, KAMA is offering best services to its customers in Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

In the Food sector, KAMA is leading the Egyptian market in Dairy products by representing IMA Food & Dairy (Corazza, Benhill), Stephan, Andritz, Remin, Pietribiasi, Mas Apos, MACS, Comat and Primodan for dairy processing. Starting from milk reception, conditioning, and preparation, KAMA helps the customers by supplying full solutions to have final products for dairy and juice factories alike. White cheese; semi-hard cheese; processed cheese; yogurt and deserts turnkey solutions; processing and filling can be supplied. Soup cubes (soft and hard) as well butter and margarin wrapping machines are specialty of Corazza and Benhil respectively. Tea and Coffee as well as stick and sachet vertical machines are produced by MACS. Convenience Food; baby food; chocolate praline; processed meat, analog and processed cheese are produced on Stephan machines. Tahini and Halva are produced on Mas Apos machines from the raw sesame. Comat is the market leader for mozzarella preparation. FMT, Alcos are market leaders for bottling, canning, sterilizing, concentrate extraction as well as flexible packaging machine manufacturers, respectively, within KAMA portfolio.

In the Pharmaceutical sector, KAMA has long term relation with all producers and proud to represent top notch European suppliers: Airplan, Alexanderwek, Cortectra, Lleal and Lytzen. One Stop shopping is always KAMA strategy to build long term partnership. The team is ready to assist in concept design; URS development; project management; clean room design, delivery and installation; HVAC design, delivery and installation; technology transfer for new products ranges: oncology, vaccines and biosimilars; pure media equipment (PW, PS, WFI) delivery and installation; processing and formulation vessels; high sheer mixers and fluid bed dryers; dry granulation; drying ovens; semi-solid mixers; tube filling; all sterile filling machines; IV bags filling; syrup filling lines; containment filling lines; lyophilizers; labeling machines; nest filling machines; de-nesting machines; rod insertion machines; cartoners and boxing machines; end of line equipment; lab scale and pilot plant machines; cosmetics equipment (cream, lipstick, gel, etc…); soap wrapping; dishwasher tablets wrapping.

To serve its customer the best, KAMA started its after-sales and engineering office 15 years ago after being only a department taking care of after-sales services and spare parts.

With the increasing demands of the Egyptian market, KAMA is coping to service local customers the best. KAMA has always the Advantage of Experience and self-confidence transmitted from one generation to the other.

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