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Alcos is able to supply complete lines for the processing and transformation of tomato and vegetable, continental and tropical fruit, milk, dairy products and edible oils.

Starting from the receipt of the product at the factory until its transformation and its yield in the product ready for packaging. The ability and level of consulting and engineering of Alcos is such as to ensure to the customers, not only the definition and provision of essential equipment to the production process, but also the preparation of all the auxiliary equipment and its proper sizing, so that we can guarantee our customers a factory not only “turn-key”, but also economically and energetically sustainable.

The plants that Alcos is capable of providing directly on its development and projects are:
  • Washing Systems
  • Washing and Sorting tables
  • Enzymatic Deactivators
  • Extraction Groups
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Hot Break Systems
  • Concentration Boules
  • Sterilizers multiple pipes / tube in tube / scraped surface / plates
  • Pasteurization multiple pipes / tube in tube / scraped surface / plates
  • Deaerators
  • Aroma Recovery Systems
  • Ohmic Sterilizers
  • Microwave Sterilizers
  • Evaporators Forced Circulation / Falling Film / Hybrid