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COMAT designs and produces specialty machines necessary to carry out all stages that characterize this production type.

COMAT machines allow you to realize and develop excellent products with authentic flavors. They’re full customizable and able to transform your ideas and requirements in a inimitable product. Our solutions are more than machines. They represent the result of a process of continuous exchange of ideas, best practices and suggestions and co-working with cheesemaking masters all around the world.


  • Cheese vats and Curd Drainage
  • Curd cutter and conveyors
  • Compact Full Equipment
  • Steam Cookers
  • Continuous stretching machines
  • Discontinuous stretching machines
  • Moulding Machines
  • Moulding machine with pre hardening head
  • Hardening and Brining
  • Smoking and Flavoring machines
  • Flocculation tanks, belts and homogenizers for ricotta