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FMT SRL is specialized in the designing and in the manufacturing of free-standing machines,
that has successfully carved out a space for itself in the food industry, spreading its brand all over the world.

High quality, reliability and flexibility are the common characteristics of all our equipment thus making it possible the use of these machines for different applications both in the food and beverage field.

The production range includes complete packaging lines for a wide range of products such as edible oil, fruit juices, vegetable preserves, sauces, soft drinks, beer etc. and with any kind of container (glass, PET or metal).


State of the art technology in filling and closing systems
FMT produces filling and closing equipment using the newest technologies offered by the market. FMT production range includes:
Monoblocks or free standing machines designed for the rinsing, filling and closing of fluid, dense or semi dense products with or without pieces, into glass, plastic or metal containers.
  • Rotary piston fillers
  • Volumetric filling groups with seaming or capping
  • Filling and closing monoblocks
  • Filling groups with seaming or capping
  • Hot fill
  • Vibration linear fillers
  • Telescopic filling groups
  • Capping machines
  • Cappers
  • Washing and blowing machines for containers cleaning before filling.